Operation Christmas is simply about giving hope back to Christmas in the eyes of children!

Operation Christmas is in it’s first year of operation and we are excited to begin this journey with so many people supporting us and so many children anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus.

So, you ask what is your cause and why should you contribute?

Because as I walked my children down the halls of their daycare this morning, the walls were lined with Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations, amongst these many decorations contained a few letters to Santa. The letters written by children who are around 4-6 years old,  brought me to tears! Those letters aren’t asking for Barbie Dolls, Playstations, Bycicles, or even candy. They are all asking for the things most of us take for granted everyday.

One little girl (age 4) asks Santa to bring her a new pair of shoes, because hers have a whole in the toe and when it snows her feet will get wet.

A little boy (age 6) asks for a bus pass for his mother so she doesn’t have to donate plasma two days a week in order to get her children to school everyday.

Another little boy (age 4) asks for a brand new toothebrush all his own and one for his big sister and brother if Santa has extra.

A little girl ( age 6) asks for diapers for her little sister and a warm blanket for them to sleep with at night.

A little girl (age 4) asks for a coloring book and a warm coat to wear because she has neither.

A little girl (age 6) asks for plastic to cover the windows cause the wind blows really hard at night. So hard it shakes the car and it gets really cold. (She lives in a car with her mother and infant brother.)

and the most touching of all, a little boy (age 6) just asks for his family to find a home so his mommy won’t cry at night. He says it doesn’t have to be a big house, just as long as it is a home. He knows they don’t have beds or tables but maybe next year Santa can bring them that.

And there are so many more, way too many to write here. Yes there are a few that ask for a new racecar set, or a baby doll, but the majority are asking for things that most children already have. A roof over their head, warm clothes on their back, and food in their tummy.

So why are these children asking for these things? It couldn’t possibly be true, right? Where are these kids parents and why aren’t they providing these things for these poor children?

  • Operation Breakthrough cares each day for more than 400 children, ages 6 weeks to 14 years. All but 2% of the enrolled families live below federal poverty guidelines.
  • About 25% of the children come from homeless or battered women’s shelters. About 25% come from foster homes. The rest live primarily with single mothers who struggle to support them on annual earnings that are often not more than $10,000.

Could you imagine raising your children and family on less then $100 per week? Not knowing where you and your children are going to lay your head at night? Telling your children that you don’t have any money to buy them dinner, let alone a Christms gift?

I know I certaintly couldn’t and I know that you couldn’t either. So please find it in your heart to purchase a Santa Letter for your own child and help to bring some of these children’s Christmas wishes come true!